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cystitis developed about the ninth day. Washed out blad-

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cially emphasized in his work was llic ^rcn( variability in tlie reac-

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longed work — namely, toward evening — but afterward

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averaged .'58 days. Of the fil>ula, the average time was .30 days; of the

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York. One hundred engravings. New York : William Wood & Co.

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anterior wall of the uterus well down into the lower

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the spleen and in the meconium. 2. Cholesterine is found for the most

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of dirt eating — neither the pure brute of a savage nor the more cultivated

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in length by 2 or 3 mm. in breadth. In this condition

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cation than on the ingredients of which it may be com-

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treatment adopted was-^first, to clean out the alimentary

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geographical distribution to forbid the possibility of its occurrence in these

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within the segment of a circle, by means of an ordinary firing-

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and its bacillus, researches into the nature of. . 272

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should be introduced so as to leave, in making a Bingle

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a greater number of curves. This is a necessary consequence of their elon-

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relations : then, by appropriate reasoning, it is sought

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exercise, cleanliness, and pure air ; by indiscreet dressing, tight

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were 1,230.3. This is within 1 per cent, of the total of 1,218.0 calories

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VIII. Extirpation of a Cancerous Eye. By Harvey Lindsly, M. D. of Wash-

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the heart and lungs ; not unfrequently secondary nodules

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respite from attacks appears presumptuous, to say the

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was seized with the complaint and very narrowly escaped with her life.

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injections are sometimes of the greatest value in cases of emergency

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those at any rate in which there are few daughter cysts — conditions

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practice solely on Thomsonian principles, and if that