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Senn, N. An experimental contribution to intestinal surgery, with

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flow of urine along the ureters ; but as soon as the contents

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then recovers, tired and crying. The fit is often followed by the

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site side of the heart. An argument against this doctrine may

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No. 7 or No. 9, with two steel unplated needles, either 2.50. .02.

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organism obtained from an animal suffering from a disease undoubtedly

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bullets, but with an elongated cylindro-conoidal bullet the great

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in his experience aneurism of the aorta (which I find invariably

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signs indicated that the pneumonic process was spreading at the time

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Noeggerath makes a most extraordinary assertion in regard to

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fer by any carelessness with respect to cold, and many, as a consequence, bring themselves

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cause a dull aching pain at the tip of the coccyx, or

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from fatigue in special groups of muscles habitually and excessively used in

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With regard to the pathology of pneumonia it seems certain

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Association of pathogenic bacteria in mixed and secondary infections tends

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digestion and put the system in better condition to escape

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3. It must be tried whether small quantities of malaria blood, if

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ciousness, delirium, and other symptoms of cerebral com-

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exercised over juries was a wonderful one ; but the long

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lar fort of fyphon which was to be ufed in the injec-

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Heavy Eating Brings Heavy Children — Incidents and Experiences — Forty-Five

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yes, even years — knowing that you will come home to me as fine and

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gritty powder or sand, or of small calculi deposits

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So much for a mineralogical description of the varieties

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The health authorities are investigating the case, and

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so also were his personal feuds with Starling, the Harvard (kymograph) apparatus,