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and thirty-seven per cent lived, which is up to the usual stan-
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Loose Cartliages in the KneeJoint Removed by Subcu-
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saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and calories. The develop-
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A Time- Governed Slide Method for the Agglutination Test
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rent to the abdominal walls on each side. The mass was still ao lar^ that it
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face, and were responsible, in a small percentage of cases, for
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to create a medical catastrophe fund financed by health |l
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duced a piece of cotton saturated with perchloride of iron and glycerine, next,
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system, it is taken up by the blood, which throws it off as it traverses-
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am inclined to think that our text-books do not insist as strongly as
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poor, and occurs more often in weak than in robust children. It is more
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stitutes, therefore, an example of a carrier of the virus developing
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Spray Tubes in Rack and Cut-Off, $2150 net. Size of Tank, including
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The foot is the part generally affected, occasionally the hand, but,
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This sometimes occurs in hogs, and is due to intestinal derange-
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left axilla ; left arm swollen and somewhat livid ; superficial
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It was supposed that they were introduced through the skin while she was
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stone at her." He did not cruelly upbraid her, and make her feel that she
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and multiple telangiectases affecting chiefly the mucous membranes, but no
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was wounded. The coins were struck by the bullet in its course,
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macules had been associated with leucodermia syphilitica on the neck
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short time. The hot pack is the safest with children
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exhausted, she sank tremulously fearful into the arms of
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nate route of excretion is through the kidneys (arrows). Bladder ;
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the third day after delivery of the child. As a general thing all the
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^^In no case is this periodical sent unless the subscription is paid in advance.
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union and a stifl' knee. Patella, however, was mov-
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other 15.6 per cent, the latter alone containing the