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Sheep. — These require more food proportionately than an

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Steaming is of the utmost importance in cases of sus-

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by the irregular contractions. In many such cases this remedy.

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rheumatism, as in fever, should be given in quantities sufficient to impress the

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presence of an inspector or deputy after written notice as above required. Every

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and an account of the post-mortem examination (if any).

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Of this handsome and really interesting volume before us we

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distant neighbors than formerly, which makes it appear that

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F. H. Mewburn, M.D. (McGill, 1881), House Surgeon to

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tids first introduce themselves into the passages, and are then con-

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cases complete recovery from the amnesia follows. When partial

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injection of a pint of warm oil by a tube passed per rectum for

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ferent periods. But none of them are to be relied on

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cally it is up to the high standard of its publishers.

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able to do for several years, and she says now she would not part

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that because the patient is apparently in an unconscious state

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administration of nursing was concerned, was destined to expand and to be developed

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dogs is considered to be in excess of 50 mg/kg, while lethal m

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lege of Physicians of London, and the compiler of the " Roll of

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experienced breeders, it seems that the age 6i the stallion

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feet as well as in the hands, making walking more or

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piece of glass tubing, the rectal tube lubricated with soft soap and

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injected intravenously ; he had had three previous injections with-

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A further illustration of this side-bending-rotation

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order to avoid or prevent much more serious consequences in the

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the goal towards which all else has apparently tended. It is the

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For the purpose of further discussion, Graves’ hyper-

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Hamsiu, Dr. J. M., a device for laryngoscopic practice,

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these parasites cause. This is not always the case,