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progressive in gynaecology. The work will contain operations not

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subcutaneously, it is eliminated quantitatively as such in the urine. We

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splenic enlargement was more frequently present than absent.

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not take place. If the mouth of the womb be inactive in such a

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indarated tubercles, which Dr. Dutoit regarded as advantageous, since these

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signs furnished by the disease for the purposes of prognosis

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interests, matters not ; it is the being his own interests which makes

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encephalitis at our institution and never brought to our atten-

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above, but in old and cachectic persons more vigorous means

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Dr. Matthews Duncan stated that in the vast majority of

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he has enjoyed good health and has had no return of the

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centa from the womb, before it begins to contract it-

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2. Many patients with penetrating wounds, both bullet and

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tlemen of this city, the conversation drifted in a purely natural

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learned. It is unquestionably the result of over-fatigue, and is

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is still incomplete. The question of whether endotoxin is

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surrounding ruins to house a much larger surgical staff

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secutive films to evaluate and they extend over a reason-

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the patient's face. Only once it was necessary to order several times and

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red blood cells. The urea content continued to be far below normal,

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trachea. Every bodily effort disposes to these effects of dyspnoea.

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it grows larger it lessens on the inside and leaves a healthy part in

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above 1000 (water being taken as 1000) by Haser's coefficient, 2.33,

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ing process quite as well with simple remedies as with

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was not so at the time at which he made his reseai'ches.

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ered in the third portion of the course. Dr. Franklin

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HTLV-II, the long terminal repeat, is linked to a bacterial

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membrane, nevertheless of the vast hords of microorganisms which must

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a> outwards, so that this feature can be seen not only