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Salvarsan is in clinical use in the following New York Hospitals and clinics :
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pressed the desire that newspapers should be forbidden to publish
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dislike the crust thus formed. Butter the gridiron well, and let
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perusal of various reports of cases, that this affection
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The faeces of the herbivora present great differences in
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dition so deplorable, are such as are connected with the perform-
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for six or seven years, but he had become convinced that his
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At a somewhat later stage the condition already described is replaced
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sluggish metabolism, and that the excess protein in the intestine will
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is not at hand, lie ought, unless his assistance in consultation be desired, to resign
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among 44 subjects who were between 10 and 20 years of age, atro-
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of the hamstring te7idons. Their support behind in every case 1 look upon as
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in the arterial blood does not normally rise above .'2 per
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admitted under my care in May, 1887, with a pulsating
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able to get as near the pedicle as possible, which can be
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iEsculapeans, forced into wilderness exile and benumbing mono-
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Uustratin<ij how markedly tlie resistauee of rats to morphine may he
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and penalties on those adjudged guilty of breaking laws
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ing' place, the collection of a library of reference, or
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heart ; therefore' it were superfluous for those creatures to
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We devote more space than usual this month, to reports of
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ing Mr. • Sewell with me, went to Portland, to introduce
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thereon, passes right arm under left elbow of patient,
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gradually become less marked and ultimately disappear. How far these
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tion by the President and Fellows in Convention, the connection between such
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brush. Whenever any sores appeared they were to be treated
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whose blood is in so dissolved a state that dropsies and passive he-
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carbohydrate from the stomach. These facts, it will be remarked, all
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in 1 case, and nystagmus of the right eye mainly, with much slighter
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3. A series of underground galleries, thirty-five yards long,
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malacia is limited to the region of the tumour growth, in the latter the