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I therefore turned to the left auricle, and tracing out from it, found what

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measurement must be multiplied by this figure if we desire to express

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with what result. It was a point of importance, as the patient was obviously

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scattered portions of the mass had a gritty feel to the fingers.

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heat. Fire-clay and brick-dust made into a paste with

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than that of child labour could be considered by this Association, so

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infectious diseases (small-pox, measles, diphtheria and croup,

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urine the kidney therefore takes it from a solution in which it is found

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fluid escaped ; no bone was met with in the dissection. The

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which this communication is concerned, viz., " Tallianine."

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introduction of new habits and modes of thought in Scotland.

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flammation ; but bichloride of mercury has not justified the frequent use that is

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which, with a few notable exceptions, deal with the

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of the glands are traceable into the valleys on the

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little of the sensory. The cord when you examine it, is indurated.

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level of usefulness reached by its predecessors. It is deservedly one of

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encysted in the viscera and muscles (Fig. 28). They have no caudal cyst,

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remove the contused and lacerated edges of the wound

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has developed adipose tissue; then he is taken out and apparently is feel-

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clay six or eight inches deep, then looked after often and

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The two-stage operation is probably the best; that is, at the first

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covered with an exudation of coagulable lymph. As this inflamma-

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more than 0.00001 cc.) in inoculating the media. With the use of

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nearly proving fatal), the struggles of the patient, the great depth and mobility

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births in the hosjiital, and among these six cases of

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any sort; an absence of ordinary physical signs of tubercu-

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At experimentally. The reciprocal of the time necessary to cause the

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so doing. Nor is it right or proper to impo-e upon a

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