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lations of mucus, and it is to the softening and removal of these th^t the treat-

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sider what, if any, changes occur concurrently in the lungs, and what

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great value in aiding the heeding process, but in a large number he has failed

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It is well known that in Italy, Greece, and North Africa, they

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streptococci for injection must be prepared from the indiNndual

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exploration, even though the rectal or vaginal exami-

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ning, but all Southern cities are quarantined against mails from

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ease is properly carried out ; and, further, that the in-

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educated in the public schools of Rochester, New York. In 1856 he moved, with

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predilection for the right kidney. He found in women who com-

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small intestine, and which in such cases are improperly called ster-

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slight. Sometimes a little pain is suffered for a day or two. In the case of

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caused to be excised from his arm a piece of skin upon

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served in these cases corresponded Y-ith the differ-

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of praise, all goir)g and returning from the chapel with order and

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appendix to this report marked A. The second group consists

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we<ll known to many here who use it frequently — only one

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advantage in restless cases, such as the insane, where it is impossible

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whole of the herds are brought to the ' aoul ' at night, where they

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looked upon scarlet fever as the highest and most persistent type of

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quently prescribes, in severe cases, the last mentioned remedy. He states

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tests. We are indebted to Dr. Lafayette B. Mendel, New Haven,

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Ceylon, 1821, died in New York, 1832, buried in the grave-

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existing cutaneous lesion such as impetigo, eczema, acne, or psoriasis.

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rotating the hand. The forearm was slightly flexed, and the

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returned to his residence in Jacksonville, and died there. In 1857 a few cases

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mation of the capsular ligament usually leads to the

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in other parts. Another case under the care of Dr. Horton-Smith Hai'tley, in

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to take the place, if needed, of those which the bearers have used

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considerable quantities of albumen, blood, and tube casts.

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Certain authors (Langley) believe that such an hypothesis is unneces-

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Olfactory and gustatory. — Special sense warnings are not uncommon.