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not at hand any of the alkaline mineral waters may be substituted, after
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the right lung, and filling the pleura and lung substance with
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1915,52,421. Frank, G. v.: Zentralbl. f. inn. Med., 1916, 37, 265. Frankel, A. :
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through the ground early in spring, followed later in the season by a stout, erect
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sole self-interest. It is to be hoped, and it is most heartily
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malignant tumors. But we must admit that the primary ca-
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non-poisonous, as large a dose as 120 grains having been
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group are the majority of those which are associated directly with the fever
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extirpation of the leg areas in a monkey the sensibility of the feet was
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If so, the first step in treatment seemed to be to get the stumps of the teeth
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ture without splinting. Cases admitted with hemorrhage will have had
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plotted in curves constructed with the percentage saturation of the
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require? It is a deplorable evil that, by the rules and
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To disguise the unpleasant taste and to aid the solvency
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for the natural term of life. If complicated with hydrocephalus,
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the raw surface of the bladder by means of eleven points of metallic suture.
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third of the left-hand page has the four headings: Designation of the
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The Dublin Quarltrtg Jimrnal aays : " Von Troltaeh anjoya tba repn-
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ning, but all Southern cities are quarantined against mails from
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Wallace Edgar Sabin, M.D. , was born at Lenox, Mass. ,
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into a perfectly clean and bright stewpan, with some water and
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he passes to the rear of the off mule and attaches th« fourth trace.
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1. Gangrene of the mouth. — On carefully examining Mr.
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Obs. XII. — ^B. W., a young professional man, aged 24, had an
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surgeons or as general practitioners; and yet when we review
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morphes douloureuses," Brocq "^ discusses this question,
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connect with those of the veins, and he taught that
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ease, and which will completely fulfil the ideal of a
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climate, it is to be found in the Indians, who, coming from a temperate
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side, but the passage of a flexible catheter into the stomach, repeated
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ment during the last sixteen months. In eight cases the tumor
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the purpose of illustrating the treatment followed: —
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without alcohol. It may be flattering to be spoken of
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cent, as compared with 81.4 per cent, statistics of Billroth in 1870.
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through erosions in the mucous membrane of the naso-pharynx in children,
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boil till dissolved; pass chlorine into the solution until
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readily understood, when the valuable functions of hydrochloric acid
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urine the kidney therefore takes it from a solution in which it is found
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especially instructive to see how the to^vn fares when the disease happens
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dency to confluence that it appeared a good case to test