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enjoyed immunity from calculous disease. It was said, for
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Among other affections in which he speaks well of it, he mentions con-
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Practice. The regulation of medical practice in Maine, 619; a new
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heart surgery who cannot be weaned from cardiopulmonary
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tracting a lance-head^^® or lancing an ulcer.^^^ Now and then he
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tion and oedema of the lungs are not uncommon. In a few in-
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increase in velocity. If at any given distance a rifle bullet travel
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more than one cyst, it will be necessary to push the
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(/) If rendering an intimate service it is best to wear a gauze
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PRECAUTIONS: As with other antibacterial preparations, prolonged use may result in
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abdomen and extremities, accompanied by hysteroid symptoms.
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as his pulse went up next day to 120 and his temperature to
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sponds with the parts of the deltoid and of the pectoral below the clavicle.
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one of simple reaction of varying amount ; the third, a condition
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Congress from the 7th to the 12th October in Paris.
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spector that they had undergone (sulphur) disinfection.
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camps. Camp hospitals. Hospital trains. Rest stations. Hospital
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These cases are typical, and many similar ones have been
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tion to the chemical facts connected with the etiology of this disease, and
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with greater dragging and laceration of the parts remaining attached
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its action. Le Pileur has treated six hundred cases with injections of gray
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portance of this publication of Friedlander is that he was the first to describe
Here was a case extremely difficult to diagnose. The physical ex-
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July 20-24 — Superficial Anatomy and Cutaneous Surgery. Scripps Clinic
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cured by simple and conservative measures if recog-
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