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cent of alkali in the first two inches of surface. This is

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in the foremost ranks of our really valuable medicinal agents.

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small boils in this locality must be treated with circumspection, lest

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Nor can the statistics of mortality be used as they stand,

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tombstones that have marked the termination of an otherwise suc-

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nineteenth century, so far as his work in the world is

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of water, but one should begin with the gentlest appli-

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with facial asymmetry, deflected septum, high arching of the roof of the

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dependent writers Erb ranks it as a factor in the etiology of tabes. It is

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buminous substances. The stomach of the calf is used for this purpose

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4. The genital lesion may be the result of the nervous affection.

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altered and brittle, but this is not invariable, nor does it seem to depend on the

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proportion to his body, the greatest circumference being 21 inches.

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