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bladder, in the domestic animals and especially in the pig, is less
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be marked with the words " Sanitary Train Division " and
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The disease was apparently very rare in this country. He had seen, on several
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cers *, for then there would be a neceflity of thrufting
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A. B. 1965, Colgate University; Ph.D. 1970, Cornell
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beneath, the alkali disappears and all the land becc
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In old, atonic gout and rheumatism, especially locally applied, it
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the cervix is so uniform iu its mode of development
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ed in his excellent work, and carefully as he has investigated
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with delivery only in 62, or 33 '5 per cent; in most the fits increased
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while inducing cirrhosis experimentally^ discovered suddenly in
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land, he had lived many years in this country, and for the past eight
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upper part, and comes out at the same point; so that the stream does-
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till three series lost weight; the controls lost 7.1 per cent. Evidently
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quency of mild attacks, which, even during their height, do not incapaci-
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Gardner ^ tells us that both duties — shaving the heads
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Observation 67 (Paranoia erotica). Mary T., aet. 45,
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water is partially freed from these materials by filtering through
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1873 a. — Kvste hydatique tres-volumineux du rein gauche; rupture; mort.
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Transactions of the American Medical Association, I make
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General remarks. — The treatment of gunshot injuries which
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plate in Seascapes for a long time. He would notice this tech-
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In atonic cases of metrorrhagia, direct stimulus of the uterus by means of
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MSS. which were in his library, but no such works could be found.
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and under the same circumstances, with most rigorous care ;