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equilibrium, aud two leading remedies for this are arsenic and

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during the absence of pains, in moving with the left hand

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of ineligibility imposed was the frank existence of functional

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recent researches, in particular by Dr Sutherland Simi>son and

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trial in a suit for damages against the German Hospi-

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sum as the Council may from time to time determine.

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fore, but not so that there was any interference to the faecal matter or the

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The carbon dioxid content of the blood was 38 by the Van Slyke method

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The special apparatus required consists of a small addition to a

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tions of the kidney, made with Valentin's knife, also fine

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of the arms. Legs wide apart. Touch alternatively each foot with

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smooth sumac is more frequently found as a rather handsome shrub 2 to 12 feet

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processes in the case of the scalp and the other hairy parts were

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the temperature remained normal. Blood culture, which was positive before treat-

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the ino-t part, in bed or, at least, warmly clad, and under control;

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typhoid in a man that was seriously sick ; examina-

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disease of the frontal lobe in man no mental symptoms have been noted ;

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made in all of our cases. A leucocytosis was present

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be viewed without horror ; but in the decent matron, it is still

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quake concussion of the Great War. The huge task remain-

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ization. Of importance, he feels, is the need for every

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pain in the fissure caused by the attempt usually makes him at

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over estimated. Bernard has clearly demonstrated the presence of sugar

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1903 Three Clinical Cases Treated by the X-Ray. 457