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to whom carbolic acid had been previously administered, are
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ance of the governors, have decided to build a residen-
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papillary stasis, oedematous neuritis, choked disc, pa-
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Tlie composition of the nrine varies materially, according as
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advantage to the State, and consequently good post-
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marks of a nervous temperament ; but she never again
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their presentment, stated that among the public charities visited
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when the temperature reaches 103°, and with this dangerous
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column — rachialgia, a form of spinal irritation of the older
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The researches of recent years, conducted with a higher technique,
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On December 29 a calf months old was inoculated into the right shoulder by
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this sort exerted on the muscular system, not necessa-
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ranging between 190 and 30-5. In December and in January the
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In not a few instances, too, experimental pathological investiga-