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There was no hemorrhage from that of the right side. The

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RiSHMEXT OF CHILDREN. — In Vienna where exact medi-

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previously described, being found only in the epithe-

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lobular pneumonia. I ought, however, to remark, with Virchow,

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an hour, this figure may increase to about 20 liters.

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but in his twelfth case he had the misfortune to bring on a severe

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to be overcome by local depletion from the cardiac region, blisters to

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that when a quantity, however small, of contagious matter is in-

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tion proceeds. If the wound can be felt but is impossible to be seen,

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the tonsil and fauces. The most dangerous of these cases in spreading

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has had symptoms of gastric distress for many years, including-

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said : In this man, I think it is difficult to say. The

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be effective in the recovery of many who gave no promise

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cd more properly /t'Z'm anginofa than fcarlatina°y

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say, the proportion of early cases coming up to the dispensary

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moulded clay and fix the dressing with a bandage. The dressing

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6 o'clock, p. m. Didactic lectures evenings upon such special topics as the class may desire.

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peculiarities. Nor does the apparently obvious AdcAV that the macropsia

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symptoms in connection with syphilitic inflammation of the bones of the

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Without Thyroid Enlargement of Certain Signs and Symptoms Which Occur

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not able to produce disease. The skin and the mucous membranes which

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" nize that the anatomist has furnished him with indispensable

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animal must remain at least three days, during which time it is

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. , . . Then, if pjactitioncrs would content themselves with simply

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Symptoms. — Of a severe burn we have local symptoms presenting


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by either a minor accident or shock, and all occurring in mod-