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gray moustache and beard gave her a most formidable

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System of Licenses," upon " Registration and Vital Statistics

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Loose Cartliages in the KneeJoint Removed by Subcu-

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head in men and women, nor the comparative size of the different lobes

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* The largest of Hallam's works, the ' History of the Literature of Europe

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3rd 1906. After it the patient picked up and had a good appetite.

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noticed that she gasped. There was an interval, and then

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HgHf^In corresponding with Advertisers, please be sure and mention this Journal.

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tus to a pneumonia patient. To my reply that I would be over in

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any one else ; for the^strongest of men and women, the

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advantage in the control of glanders among animals.

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whether this pemphigus is syphilitic. On the one side, it is objected,

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thor is called in question. If he be fanciful in his notions

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Children whose state of nutrition is subnormal show a dis-

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panse of area on the surface of the brain, partial paralysis, such as a monoplegia,

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these measures, and how much to the substitution of other mea-

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adapted to the impregnation of dressings, such as gauze

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walking when the opposite leg is lifted. Advantage is

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Whatever may be the possibilities of the art of surgery in

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incorporating 51 physicians as a body “politic and corpo-;

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Seymour, of Troy, N. Y., and Dr. D. Hughes, of Philadelphia, Pa.

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It is the business of a Social Service Congress to invent new ideas

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128. Zeumer H, Hundgen R. Ferberta A, Rigelstein EB: Local intraarterial fi-

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involved ; (2) extrinsic aphasia, in which the language area is not directly

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very interesting. The practical operative point that Dr. Cartledge pre-

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The results have been a revelation to me. I will give a clinical

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of DraCe of Ammonia, substances which are formed hy the ox;dalion of

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toria for early cases : Gaylord Farm at Wallingford, Wildwood