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mentation. Coagulation consists in the employment of cer-
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Numbers of starving people flocked into that city from the famine tracts,
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exposed the spines of the first and second | Treatmevt of Cancer by the Injfction of
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prepared food and the absorption of the toxin from infected
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in the hands of various medical men, and had used locally many
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which 21 terminated fatally. The command consisted of 78 men.
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Hemorrhage — Discharge of blood from a ruptured blood vessel.
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under certain circumstances, the best chance of survival
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Goodhue's Bitters, Salem, Mass. Half wineglassful. 16.1
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at several subsequent epochs, and has also desolated many depart-
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and the skin during the administration of the bruah discharge is
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reach the lungs in an ozonized state. The fact, observed
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84. Wiltse LL, Kirkaldy-Willis WH, MclvorGWD: The treatment of spinal steno-
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converted into an operating room and the skull trephined. The
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safety but it must be admitted that considerable information must be
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tions ; as soon as respiration ceases or the heart ceases to beat,
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oesophagoscopy. It seems to me that, if their further development
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physician-defendant’s best friend or worst enemy in a medi-
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plethoric, venesection was found helpful. In the bilious remittent
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impairing vision in one or both eyes, 17 ; loss of sight, or
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4. Take temperatures from 6 a. m. to (5 p. m. of the following day,
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as a centre, having connected with it various detached buildings constructed
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Antiseptics prevent, arrest or retard putrefaction.
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lung is in a state of chronic congestion. The parenchyma is partly
of the common council of that city. After the war he
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minutes, chilled in cold water and packed into one quart Mason jars.
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as it were, " the water of life," relieving him entirely from the severe attacks
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the not unfrequent complaints at our office of men who had been
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gation from the additional blood rushing into them, their extremities being
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son, about 130 miles. While there, I fell and broke two
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into the uterine cavity the mucous membrane which covers them. Wherever
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becomes a fourth-rate power for centuries perhaps, to be obe-
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» hei^g, Blllard, BoucJiut, Rllliet et Barthez, Bedmr, Henning, Vogel and GerhardU
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means had failed, and the patient was growing worse, or even not