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* To this article, published afterwards in a volume with others, I owe
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Chinese silk, of which he uses two sizes only, the large for liga-
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impacted in the canal. Drs, Atlee, A. H. Smith, James P.
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births of 9,457. From this total subtract the purely Ameri-
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the uriniferous tubules add to this fluid the various organic and inor-
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find my little patient still alive, and the picture
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results of some of the experiments are shown in the accompanying
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James Latta, Abernethy, Percival Pott, John Hunter,
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some of the bones of the face ; loss of power of action in the facial
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calling it pernicious auicmia? If not, there must be
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limited observations yet made within the wide borders of
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of the present day to cultivate, admire and imitate. Pray do
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so unfortunate as to become the subject of an attack of uterine con-
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that the third stage has arrived, should not, per se, condemn a
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none the less true that in some cases consanguineous marriages among
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21. Tonsil snare (Beck-Schenck Tonsillectotome, modified by Dr. C. H.
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had to be moved first to boats and then to the ship.
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therefore, that both the recruits and old soldiers were equally exposed to
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been gained except in the single department of therapy; and here the
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en the edges of the fistula either by the knife, or cautery, before
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had occurred about three years previously. The condition of
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is a large quantity of urine passed in twenty-four hours, with a low
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or power. To-day we must thoroughly understand and appreciate
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and diuretic. I am not in the habit of using turpentine from the begin-
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ing the importance of employing them as little changed by artificial
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over the cartilaginous portion of the canal, irritability of temper with
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crit level on all children 6 months of age or older. Hematocrit