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said he had not had tonsillitis or a skin infection during

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Of fractures of the ulna, 2 between 24 and 48 hours ; 2 between 2 and 7

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inspection, public school inspection, the value of fresh air and sunlight,

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observed in two cases. A piece of flannel should, therefore^

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markable clearness, renders it one of the most curious

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three years under competent instructors ; he must have

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sively there was nearly a score of burials at sea of

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tions arising from stagnant bodies of water, more especially if any por-

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has been my habit to use this current over the affected mus-

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Barclay, Thos. Les effets de commerce dans le droit

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in Greifswald." The symptoms do not materially differ from

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the body. On the contrary, a most important reciprocal relationship


October 1) swabbings from the throats of 250 influenza cases were

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blood-making, force generating, and life-sustaining properties, pre-eminently calcu-

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bility from one person to another. Moreover, as the bacillus has never

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the different methods are so unequal as not to be properly compared.

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Farwell, W. G., Surgeon. — Detached from the U. S. S.

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cells (15 small and 2 large lymphocytes) and a gold sol reading of 22232200 0.

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It is only by collecting particular instances of disease or particu-

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as one of the terminations of the inflammatory process ; although

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is due to this cause. When this happens in a person with a hard,

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11, 1887, at Exeter, N. H., in the person of Dr. William Perry.

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Moreover the direct action of alcohol on the heart muscles tends to

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tumours to be due to chronic fibrosis of the fat zone. The patient,

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deamessi^ dividing them into seven sections. I shall explain

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there was slight hyperplasia. As a rule there is marked proliferation