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consequence. This state is called sthenic diathesis or

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overloaded with morbid products, he goes down seemingly

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of good families ; themselves engaged in responsible business,

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earth which are largely due to unsanitary surroundings and to the

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building. Thus, in one office building studied by the writer an

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The drainage of Colorado, he said, is subterranean,

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round the temple saying, " I am stupid and mad." He

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lutely yellow, as in the true jaundice ; but of that

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MD, and Mark Parker, MD, Enfield, New Hampshire; Richard Douglass, MD, Hills-

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The child was apparently quite normal at birth. At the age of

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ing abdominal palpation. Find it impossible to cause bowels to

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can be reversed by administration of such agents, e.g , isoproterenol or levarterenol. How-

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for ths sick, is one which apjiarently covers every

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white in colour and very bright, so that carcasses are sometimes

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within a few years after he first raised blood. He,

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the causation of disease, and it might be left to the vague and loose meaning

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and often a rough apron. In a word, her whole appearance is

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This may either be due to the water as such, or it may have produced

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"With regard to the purity of the vaccine, Dr. Keenan made a very

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illustrations It is important to note the high authority under whose direction it has been

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has gained a victim, or who by hygienic measures alone, lim-

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pointed out the chief differences between cerebral and cerebellar

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Army Med. Mus., Netley, Spec. No. 2939. Ununited fracture of femur,

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tube ; but it is much more natural to suppose that a fecun-

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Delthil makes use of four drugs in his treatment of asthma —

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secretion; (3) to maintain moisture until secretion starts again. The

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strainer in search of calculi. Their presence, of course, is pathogno-

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Fatigue is temporarily overcome by excitement. In both

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tions in which no great effusion of blood takes place.

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the home of Mrs. A. R. Reft". Particular attention was

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this affection, and the treatment recommended by the essayist,

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the hope of finding a hap-hazard iridus in some undemonstrable

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May 8, Thursday. — Second Term, Spring Quarter begins.

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able times for subinoculations into series of animals in which regularity