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cow success can usually be counted on, but the long hind

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(p. 112), reference is made to "the towns along the Undercliff of the

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to decide whether you can arrest the loss of the foetus. To

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to the use of man, but 1 doubt whether we have not lost more tTian we

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are treated for a time, and are either relieved or be-

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cera. If therefore pain fhould continue obftinately

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^^M given below afford proof that when it acts as a purgative, it

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in atock, one half in two veara, and the other m four.

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latter and place its head upon the pillow used by him.

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On the previous day seeing the battery come under an intense shell fire he at once went up to

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and pulse 110 and severe paroxysmal attacks of dyspnoea.

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and generally with no support from the shoulders. They encourage

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disease wUl once more assert itself with fresh vigour.

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chronic pachymeningitis, it is accompanied by localised pain in the head,

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Caesarean section, there can be but little doubt that abor-

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of the United States have never gone hungry on their full

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portant than all, (3) the fact, as alleged, that the

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few seconds the sucking is over, and the previously collapsed

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On the Relation of the Nervous System to Disease and Dis-

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ut oflener of a dark-brown color and watery. Afler a

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disease, the author says it is of practical interest. If

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the colon ceases, and the tumor becomes evidently subhepatic and

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modic paroxysms, the surgeon, after long resistance, ac-

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less ; but it may be less sudden, and not deprive him

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arriving at a correct diagnosis is much greater than when dependence is

facts which carry this lesson : that in reading criticism

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and the functional relations to each other, in the various processes of vital

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and then two bicuspids; all of these usually have a single root. After

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resembling tetanus, finally followed by paralysis. The

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free in the plasma. In a later communication, however, Pappen-


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ary treatment which will best serve to prevent its occurrence.

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(1877 t). — Delia grandine o panicatura nell' uomo e negli animali. [Read 24

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seventy-two consecutive patients thus treated the mortality was 8.3 per

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poss6 of boys, and that this resentment is yet of the blind

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child, aged ten years. Thoracocentesis was performed, and the opening in the

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favorable impressions which we had before entertained of the food,

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coarse, it wUl not penetrate beyond the lar^Tix." A word or

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that time only one other new material has been proposed, viz., silicate of

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injury. They resemble a strawberry very much in appearance,

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By far the most varied and curious, beautiful and in-

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dation of the lung, and the other an excessive rise of temperature

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May 26^A. — Proptosis greatly diminished, the conjunctival

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Dr. Botsford (St. John, N.B.) read a short paper on

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90-100°), the colored impurities remaining in the insoluble portion

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of lyxosimine corresponding to about 55 or 60 gm. of lyxose. Yields

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diseased meat out of the export and interstate trade at the abattoirs

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