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§285. A case is given of a second vision sent to ex-

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At the time I his fearful pestilence (described as t he /!/,(,-/, Aw///,

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ecological practice. He says (Maryland Med. Journal, May) : "As

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Flaxseed Tea. Put two tablespoonfuls of flaxseed into

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bilitating. Straw or corn husks are much preferable to

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The pains became more intense, always specially seated in the

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References other than those cited in this article are:

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base or door of this ulcer. If this be eroded, the peritoneum takes its place

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vaseline, should be used to prevent or limit the effects of iritis, and its use

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allowed by the parents, and a marked lateral cur\'ature was present.

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should have thought, be impossible in the time, and

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Changes in the frequency of breathing that are within physiologic

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(vena cava) is formed, which empties into the right side

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treatment. The patient grew rapidly worse under the reo-imen

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continued too long, sends many of them into solution, with

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Tiirck and Czermak, to develop it further. The venerable dis-

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especially if used in conjunction with other indicated

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because people felt that the medical people were work-

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contract. Confinement of the pus in the scrotum is often a cause of Per-

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appear to consider money as valuable in proportion to the amount

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have had three years' experience in rontgenology, both in diagnosis

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in its true characteristics is only satisfactorily detected if the lens tissue is

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■weight of the body would then inevitably cause disjunction of the

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Hodgkin, himself a sufferer, attempted to analyse the symptoms.

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" 3. More remotely, the disease manifests itself in secondary suppurations. ^'. e.,

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was commenced. She slowly but gradually improved till February 22nd,

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adoption of such a course, and the success of the practitioner, will

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or near the fibres to be seen, for what may wear a primd/ade aspect of such, it is easy

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of these centuries : the traditions of the past were still

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the table of atomic weights stands radium, of whose

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cating the need of rest. It reduces the general sensibility

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failure, lay in three directions. He tried to expound