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It is stated, by some writers, that there is a great cutaneous
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been easier than to attach numbers of prescriptions to every important
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l^cais act bj eootnctiag the poreĀ« in the bkmd-resisek throngh which
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laxed condition of the mucous membrane, which disables it from re-
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average survival time of mice after their inoculation (i.p.) with
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ftre given to the organ hy the upward movement of the fingers.
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H Friciion upon (he surface with sulphate of quinia, in the form of
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of stimulants, I bave frequently Been it of tho greatest pijwsible service
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tail blood, and peritoneal fluid was collected with a cottom swab from
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upon the stomach, thereby impeding respiration, preventing
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but, at the end of two or three days, a sufficient reduction may ordina-
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almost at any season of the year. Extensive forests always
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vigorated, 80 fitf as their nutrition is omeemed, by passive exerdae, y^
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of dress not only rendered necessary by the laws of decorum,
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than even now-a-days it is,) no more begets cutaneous disease
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short, silky, ash-coloured hairs, internally whitish, translucent, very hard
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density was measured at zero time and thereafter at various
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ganic principles they meet with, as albumen for example, with which
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<%xplanation as a caution to the learner. Asa dinfusible stimulant, it is^
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It may keep the practitioner out of the clutches of
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both the method of percolation and that of simple maceration, preferring
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termined, by repeated experiments, that neither the chloride itself, nor
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spread, by means of a machine, upon muslin cloths. As it becomes lese
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than the particular character of tho eruption itself In these, as in
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be employed along with other measures, given as above recommended
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VIERECK: High population density has been studied as a stress
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Health. We have not hesitated to abandon much of their
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mce. More frequently, perhaps, one additional paroxysm occurs,
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inch in average length, and seldom more than three lines thick, three-
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and of a strong odour, especially in natives. The absorbents
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be had lecoorse to in the cold stage of febrile diseases ; the ad-
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Hieets are not inchient to their internal n^e art m^<licfnes,
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often prove hurtrul in these affections, by a too irritant action on the
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tional spirit, and withal a stronger self-reliance, and consciousneBs ol
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family affliction and his own impaired health, he has devoted most of
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affection, when found upon trial to allay the tenesmus. In dysentery,
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aromatics, with a peculiar directiun to the urinary organs. When fVeely
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ture organs for bacteria at the 14th post- infection day. In this regard,
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lead the insoluble and comparatively innocent sulphate of that metal