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The experiments represented in Figs. 5 and 6 seem to show that

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Dr. L. J. Brooks presented a memorial sketch of the late Dr. Geo. W.

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fact, that from the beginning of the attack, the whole organism is

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felt against the spine of the scapula, and somewhat higher than is usually

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fessor of Physiology in Tufts College, Medical and Dental Schools,

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mation of the lymphatic vessels of the limbs, conditions

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In this eloquent and interesting address he points out that the

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bj Mr. Horsley.) The diagnosis of intradural tumor pressini^

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Despite the advances in medicine in the major cities, bloodletting, purg-

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centre. Dr. Ferrier's zeal against Munk leads him to

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th«|. had been my enemies, and who knew nothing of

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Lower extremities were flexed, the thighs on the abdomen, the legs on the thighs.

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now with thankful heart was fulfilling her part of the

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the negative, and there must be a galvanometer in the circuit,

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The Committee on Transactions suggested that the names of

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DOSE.— Internally : One teaspoonful three or more times a day (as indicated), either

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tionate in their severity to the morbid condition of the milk,

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Swan, from Paris, statmg that Maisonneuve had revived

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4. Galvano-puncture may be used with, at any rate, temporary benefit in

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ably done more in a scientific way than any living man, and

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of port physiciau. October 1st, to enter private prac-

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perature rises above 102 . This will rarely be necessary more than three

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with its centre at the crossing of the wires, in which position they are

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not unfrequently lead to doubts and misgivings in the minds

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femoral hernia we had ever examined. These were the puzzling

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hygiene of the skin, followed by a reference to the various remedies and

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panied by pain, and the accid^it was of such kind as to produce

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I first became acqimintod with this diBaase in e^iamin-

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phenomena of morbid contagion, particularly during the progress of

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soon appreciable — in from four to six days — and soon over ; in sixty per

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found. One of these oases had been studied in the wards of the

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involves a large sum of money, variously estimated from fifty to five