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subluxated half out of its bed, when traction is made with

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Fig. 3. — Cases, 1, 2, and 3 at the end of treatment. Well-nourished, healthy men.

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have not only opened into branches of that vein, but have likewise

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mycetes in other malignant tumors and in their metastases.

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the child was six months old he was taken to a medical man, who succeeded

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of such articles as cocoa-milk, tea, arrowroot, and the concen-

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the addition of certain ingredients. These gelatin explosives

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For cash or on time as you please; what you want as you want it

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redissolved in water. It is precipitated by colloidal iron, and does

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dilated pupils, take two or three gasping inspirations, and die in syncope.

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He continued, however, to study medicine, and graduated in 1864.

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For information respecting the epidemic in Memphis, I

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if stalled, cannot do much for their patients. If they charge

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has not yet developed. The addition of water to cow's milk will

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bodies and of all lacerated tissues (debridement, epluchage,

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the lesions on the scalp were those of folliculitis decalvans, while in other

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is removed and a })luis]\ border is seen around the skin edge. The

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/ Q/i/t/ 7)7 ') '7 '•/■ 1 1 ^ ne solubility of these Capsules may be determined by the simplest

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diseases peculiar to women. Chief among these is Franzensbad in

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ambulance sent to France under the direction of Deputy Inspector-

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the death-rate was 19.6. Deaths reported 3,475: infants under

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the uterus, and the larger ones caused too much pain.

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three or four lines to an inch and a half in diameter ; and is of

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M. As an internal remedy I give it in doses of gtt. ii to gtt. v, on sugar or in

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