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the varying grades of inflammation of the seminal vesicles present to the

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horn has formed, gentle pressure, by means of tow dipped in tar,

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the different notions which we form from the observation of

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(See Fig. S.) There is continued pain and sense of constriction in the injuiT^i

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ā– part; those, at least, who are properly nourished.

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Protozoal diseases now bulk so largely in medicine that a knowledge of

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polymorphonuclear cells is different in different forms of lymph-

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and anaerobic cocci may cause most cases of chronic

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the regulation against cold, although distinctly less efficient than normal,

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About an inch back from the clitoris is the urethra, or passage from

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to immediately report the same to the veterinary surgeon, and a failure so to do, or

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Physical Examination. ā€” Fairly well developed and nourished. Mucous mem-

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mosis and Transudation in Living Animals ā€” Experiment ā€” Absorption and

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easily, when he felt the first contractions of the little finger, the

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