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ington, by Washington, of Messenger descent. Has ten or

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remedy in any disease that we like, but that does not prove

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between one pensioner and another. The least consideration shows

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maintaining it there by tampons, and having the patient take

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for the tube to relieve itself, which it continued to do through

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change of receptacles at frequent, regular intervals, if satisfac-

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the milk either from a food value or sanitary standpoint can

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of different physicians, she removed to Bath, where her sufferings

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plain. It is unfortunate that further tests could not be performed

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mammary tumescence, and also swelling of the labife

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Treatment was palliative in view of the obviously hopeless prognosis.

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together. Saratoga, July 2, 1893, J. D. Parker; Cummins, July 28,

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ology, etc., in detail, and also a brief history of the

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this distemper. Let such persons also eat such food as is ve-

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formed six weeks ago for a small scirrhous mass. The

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less if younger, and increased if older, so as to double*

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be particularly greedy of amino acids, which, however, must Rapidly be-

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anterior, the latter from the posterior, sur^^e of the crystalline.

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tion ; he was preparing himself for a barrister, and only

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some private spite. This leads to splits among the Faculty, and

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mother is stated to have died of cancer at the age of 46 ; her father was

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and olive oil. This plan is much used by medical officers in

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conclusion that the clubs are involution forms, and that the method of

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Fig. 114. — Infantile mortality (deaths of infants under 1 year of age per

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applied to clean, fresh milk from healthy cows which are tuber-