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putrefaction,' 'the basis of a new method of treatment,'

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which, by means of the joints admit of considerable elongati<» and shortening.

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(small pastern) bone, which corresponds to the upper

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more promptly than all the others ordinarily employed the cicatrization of

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scanty and occasionally blood-stained expectoration. Haemop-

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American Veterinary Review, saying he was not an agent

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hospitals properly so called — require many of the articles of the

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prostitution, and all sorts of customs relating to the intercourse of the sexes,

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grave outlook as to duration of life. Accident during an at-

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I will first describe the symptoms of traumatic purulent

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has been added on ligation of the "connnon femoral." Decided preference

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bones themselves, had become diseased, as is often the case in

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it ; the prognosis is rendered less difficult in many cases, especially in

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woman comes before her time it cannot properly be termed

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bone, the crown of the head, the occiput and the sphe-

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when the patient is so far reduced by sepsis or exhaus-

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glanders, typhus, and tubercle, are specially treated of.

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ing of the lids are simply nil. The secretion is mostly lacrymal,

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thrown off from those of the alveolar wall and fill up the alveolar

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But who is to take the responsibility? Certainly not the medical man.

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of his efforts avoid the charge of infatuation. Nothing short of absolute

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ing the safety of their patients, they came gradatim to the