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There are, it is true, some faint traces of such polar or oppo-
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by an increasing ax:-cumulation of statistics, has gradually crystallized
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of this remarkable man. Doubtless many of his views
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painful expression, with a pa/e, hot skin. Great restlessness
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while a few recover in spite of neglect, it would encourage us to demand
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burgh Infirmary were, up to that date, the only institutions in
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the toes upward. Th« bandage and compress had necessarily to
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than the child after it is born, and it is conceivable that the ordinary
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twenty-four hours before completing the operation by cutting into
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large doses of chloral were necessary to procure sleep, Dr. Liebreich recom-
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chiae did not blanch with pressure. The pharynx was
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twisting it a little to bring it around in front over the wound. The edges
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the epinephrin increased the R. Q., indicating that more sugar was
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are supercial and may be seen under the skin. of a Vein.
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thinly populated, and having fewer adults, either male or female, engaged in the
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in the divergent pencils shadows whose middle lines are retinally ^ apart, and j\j
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external appearance of the patient. Mrs. T. was op-
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sense of smell. This view has, I tliink, been accepted
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haste, and found him in a fit Ho was tying on his hack, his
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acter of this necrotic fat tissue seems to be identical
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articular surface of the bone. In front the break is hardly
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light and shade, because there are colors which are not visible, but which
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Army Med. Mus., Netley, Spec. No. 2939. Ununited fracture of femur,
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bled very closely that which he had previously passed before
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of clothing on bis person ; let him stand b^re, ana facing
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light a hidden infection in an old scar; {e) post-operative ankylosis;
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spasm, such as is present in Raynaud's disease, may ultimately
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it is hoped that medical educators (i.e. admission commit-
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6UBBIN.— Ma]adiea dee Organea Genltanx Extemea de U Femme,
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woman aged twenty-one, who had given birth to a dead child in February
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Diagnosis: — The diagnosis depends upon the recognition
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ooear in patients who can give no history of secondary symptcwns.
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kind into any general classification, and the same is true for those
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cysted it may not destroy life for some time. In a very few cases
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