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trasted with the cool urine in the bottom of the tube.
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syringe, immediately force it out, wash out several times with five
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The death-rates ranged from L3.3 in Huddersfield to 29.1 in
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the most forcible of which is the internal evidence
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cotton bandage three inches wide, laid on accurately, layer
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On account of this rapid multiplication and accumu-
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valided. A great majority of the whole consisted of slight,
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University (restorative dentistry, periodontics, endodontics). In ad-
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by twitching of the facial muscles, and for this the anesthetist should
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after the operation the shaipness of the sight was number one.
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good standing and is eligible for promotion. No student can be considered who is not eligible for
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the eosinophiles to be reduced in pelvic infections of gonorrheal origin,
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fidence in the i^reservative means against infection; I see no ne-
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acid, every two hours, until an effect is produced i.e., until either
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ambition to give wider scope to his reputation in his new field
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Society, and to its service he gave joyfully and loyally the best
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few for a much longer time. And during the same period I have made
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mainly casas of albuminuria and eclampsia. The blood of 118 mothers
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teaching many of the chronic diseases — chronic tulx-r-
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lead a life of doth and eafe, their health would be foon
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their articulations; and the sternum was removed after sawing through the
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^jT^HE great Mikerof the universe, that gives all creatures
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whatever it might be, would be made to the diseased portion of
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She was thoroughly etherized, and kept in an insensible condition steadily
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should be considered in any patient with diffuse myalgias, muscle tenderness or weakness, and/or marked
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border of the peroneus longus and draw it backward. The muscle
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pared a specially constructed firing iron, consisting of a piece of