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starting in the whites of the eyes, rapidly overspread the whole

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shows the mean of the results obtained in each class. The first exhibits the actual ratios

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[Reprinted from Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, November, 1917, Vol. xxv,

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sent to, and supported as at present at Ward's Island ; and

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roid must act longer than in older animals in order to induce metamor-

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repeated ; but morbific action, being always depressant, and con-

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the attack, sometimes becomes alarmingly high, the course of the tem-

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her serum that the patient had absorbed a considerable

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the removal of a diseased appendix, the surgical treatment of the

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disease was accepted as an idiopathic fever, essentially

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quently appearing earlier on the left side, whilst those of the occipito-sphenoidal

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of the pain, to give the drug every second day and this was continued

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to notice how quickly the ulcers became inoffensive

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importance, as being the form in which the plant assimilates

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rection: H. H. Porter, President; Thomas S. Brennan, Charles

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place in three out of my five cases. In one it caused repeated vomit,

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made known by the scientific press. Such has been the case fol-

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hyaloidiomalacia, softening of the vitreous humour L

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these fine black particles are suspended, prevents their being deposited as a pre-

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epigastrium. The liver dulness was quite an inch below the costal

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measurements of pain, 146; annual report of the Boston City Hos-

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that the lepers receive for their service they use to purchase

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two years old, 519 ; under five years old, 567. Diar-

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recovery is not much better than a permanent non-improve-

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were, by anxious watchings, and by bedside revelations read

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Burrell charges against it. 1 am sure 1 have never expe-

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ture 103.75° ; Respiration 32. A crepitant rale was

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known to the profession as able and energetic in their departments.

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of the visual axis, but such causes are not within my pre-

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by which my arm was miserably fractured and contused.' — See chap, xviii. of