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being loudest at the base, in the pulmonic area, where the second sound was
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Greenfield, Joseph C, M.D. (Emory, 1956), Associate Professor
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and is the product of the action of iodine upon a compound body of the
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Lastly, among the causes of a fatal termination in acute par-
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for efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Chronic
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of purging, however, if not coeval with the earliest
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doubted whether calcified infiltrations can ever become movable
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13. Yetches and cut grass should always be given in the
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ent proportions, and with different degrees of rapidity; and, on the
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In passing through that gland of complex functional activ-
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encouraged to use his arm. In one or two months the junction will
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category ; are not these acts of gross injustice sufficient to