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taint to their offspring a circumstance which can but very rarely happen
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time permitting the growth of the gonococcus. Accordingly a number
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method. The organisms stain with the usual basic dyes. They
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evening was at times too great a strain upon her nervous sys
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free hydrochloric acid the amount may be very easily determined by
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Case. A woman aged weight kg. had myxedema together with
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Some patients survive for months or even years with very large
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and it is also known that they die from tuberculous forms of
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indeed in some animals it is impossible to obtain arrest during
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without carelessness. It would be foreign to the purposes of this article
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irregular diarrhoea beginning gradually or abruptly with bloody mucoid
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of potassium together with biniodide of mercury. This treat
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tends to suppuration and disorganization instead of restitutio ad integrum
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Adulteration of various Substances used in Medicine and the Arts with
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Ijacilli. He began to take inhalations of the antiseptic va or
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change in a measurable period of time the more active region or
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escaped through the opening which had not yet healed up and
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persistently. Because of the self accusations he com
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as having a bearing upon chronic disease in jjarticular
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might be justified in these days in criticising unfavorably the
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a lawyer rather than to a doctor and lay politicians rule our
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increases the liability to the infection of another. The susceptibility
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He was one of the organisers of the Wayne County Medical Society
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results. After the operation accessory parts of the treatment must be
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submucous tissues causing the development of abscesses in the tonsils
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sence of pseudo membrane the rapid and deep extension
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more at intervals of one week before the great majority of
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ment then it may be presumed that tubercular disease of the intestine
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silkwoi m gut sutures leaving an opening two thirds of the way
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Society is a reply to criticisms on Dr. Beard s pre
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lay in the extreme simplicity of the exercises directed many of
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suppress the malady. Yet we who are better educated and supposed to be
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swelling and ecchymoses of nuicous membranes acute oede
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wall of the gut may slough out through its entire thickness. Ulcers
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tion. If they do marry it usually ends in suicide or divorce.
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ciations of active and inactive pellagrins in the same household are so
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cultures of micro organisms which are peculiarly virulent in their
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bladder. Several large black clots w ere gently curetted
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tage of that peculiar and perfect immobility which the ex
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person showing signs of the disease may well be enforced. It
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tion To determine this question I made an experiment in
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backward eyes fixed on the clinched fist. Repeat reversing the legs.
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The examination shows a diminution of the red corpuscles and
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provided with a ventilator connected with outer air by a pipe