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finally led to complete obstruction of the bowel. Op-

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Now came the struggle between love and what I falsely

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health. When they are not the effect is disease. When

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virulence. Such experiences give point to the principle

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June, 1895, the experiments having then stopped on the


minous induration. 2. The granular induration. 3. The grey

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After the completion of the work, one of the bedrooms

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ple effusion into the ventricles, I have in vain sought for any

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ing facts for the general practitioner, who often has extensive

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now barely able to drag himself round from chair to chair, and

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Laryngoscope, Feb. 1935, Vo I. XLV, No. 2, 149-154; Laryngoscope, Jan. 1937, Vol. XLVII, No. I, 58-60;

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opinion, a sound knowledge of the main principles of organic chem-

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tion are used, we find that Traube ' and Hosier "^ ascribe to this symptom an impor-

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capable of acting without entry into the blood at large ; mere

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Hospital 1910-1911 and continued his connection with

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Treatment. The treatment, although in some respect encouraging, is on

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cases and observations as may come to their knowledge, and it

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dangerous to life, and depends on a mere functional derangement

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sometimes after the desiccated pustule has separated from the skin. The

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It appears as a vesicular eruption on the tongue, gums, and on the

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established, and some flakes of cortical floating in the pupil, and in

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sternal border (resection of a small portion of the second or

under ether upon a Hawley table and a cast applied.

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any more than the opinion of any other lawyer, and that they would rely upon

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material so infected was ordered to be placed ; these cal-

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and porous. It may be used in certain cases as an Auxil-

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preparation of inedicines, or to the improving of metals, I was

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^ 4. That the intestine above the stricture, dilated as it always is, may not unfrequently be

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but the bow-hand is producing a fricative noise, instead of a musical