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compensating physicians for their care and attention is that which

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ized that it can be safely trusted for judgment and intelligent

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dinary symptom, it is likewise met with in some forms of chronic

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introduced, when a slight cough developed, and the breathing after

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No one will claim that there is any hope for advanced cases

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trious cook able to serve 1,000 sick soldiers with food adapted to

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Before this date, and for long afterwards, the subject was

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out competent and tried officers, without men held under

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ously; slowness of movement in reaching its limits;

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one unit of amboceptor and hence is larger than in the modified Citron method

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With reference to the discussion last week on the certificate which

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aspect. His face was dusky, the eyes were injected, the pupils

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better to depend upon the quantity of blood actnally

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advocates the use of the curette in preference to the finger,

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on either side — not more than the twentieth part of an

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desire results, I present the following for your consideration.

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fact. The autocrat has a far-seeing vision in such directions.

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Finochietto stirrup will preserve extension and allow trans-

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kidney disease did not coexist, as shown by autopsy.

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who, after some fruitless attempts at extraction, prescribed a sedative lotion

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the hypodermic injection of this stimulant, but still further to suggest

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and the discharge of quantities of thick mucus from the nose.

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often admirable in kind, and dealing with subjects of

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And the first of these is the affection termed numb-

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boy. Since his accident she had been much concerned

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necessary to irrigate the potatoes up, a course which should

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each, but not generally having the w r ell-marked character

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are in entire ignorance. The typical form of the disease begins

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sumed a less stridulous character, the cough was less harsh,

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of the break, which may be afterward absorbed in part or

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I.evie, Benton Bains (Vanderbilt), Albertville, Ala.

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agents by saline cathartics, which acted fairly well.

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1904 I brought fonvard a motion in the Parish Council, of which

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tional cases does chorea persist continuously for a year or more.

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With a few exceptions all readings were made in a 2 dm. tube. Prac-