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Apostoli has done more than any one else to bring this

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ganic products of these cardinal elements were the chyle, blood,

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these questions, we ran into immediate difficulties because nei-

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Richards. Berger, M.D., and Christopher M. Papa, M.D., New Brunswick

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All the several anti-vaccination bills were reported upon unfav-

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dans Petudede ses larves en Italie. [Transl. of 1887 c] <Arch. ital. de biol.,

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the hemisphere, while in man they are widely separated by the

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racter of Julius Caesar formed the chief subject, led to my being favoured

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physiological and biochemical. The former functions have to do with

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bracket. specialists of the country with the latest improved

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character and in function the pyloris of the stomach,

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with in the Hmbs on the same side as the cerebellar lesion several explana-

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deprive them of one or both. It is not, therefore, surprising that mental

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nal Medicine, 161; Boston Society for Medical Improvement, 434,

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of this, I may mention the case of an elderly lady whom I saw with

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Studies in Vienna and Zurich. By Robert J. Hunter, M.D. 266

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Both these confinements were tavotable, atd her condition has been satisfactory,

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Dr. Howard's plan contemplated immediate operations, while

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markedly worse by palpation. In such cases the occurrence of perisplenitis

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cystitis infections, howe\'er, and — gi\'en the lack of anesthesia and high

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(lacrimal gland equivalent) model. 8 This was supported

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facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Buildings now

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autopsies made very early after death more frequently than they are found

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ism, are interpretable as consequences of two universal dynamic laws : — 1. "fiiat

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pays to get out of the ruts and investigrte goods and

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In the early stages it may be difficult to differentiate typhoid fever and

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treatment of the pemphigoid eruptions since the debate in 1898, nor

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on 219 days, compared with 2(5.939 inrhes on 193 days in 1909,

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most markedly of the measles type it is commonly veiy slight and

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conducted to distant part$. This ia what is meant by internal

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edition, London, 1893, pp. 56-77, chap, iii., ' On the Convention of Geneva


preparing the food supply. Sterilization of the milk