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will maintain the free movement of the bowels, without inducing

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With this aim in view the properties of the acetyl, benzoyl, cinna-

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on the respiration of amphibia, fishes, and warm-blooded animals, it

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and he himself recentlj' had a case of double optic neuritis,

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ing very smart nowadays." "Why," said she "our mothers

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why so many perineorrhaphies are useless, is because this

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sician, whose care she came under at that time, advised an operation, to

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ical or medical works, as provided in the first section of this act, unless there shall

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calcium antagonists, diltiazem decreases sinoatrial and atrioventricu-

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more educated class who are now anxious to qualify for maternity and

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cive to irregularity. Some of it is, however, to be charged to

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George H. Barber, passed assistant surgeon, detached from

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within the cranium. 2. If the excitability of the muscles be nearly

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cants in pneumonia. The author says that his practical experience enforces on

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the commencement of the pulmonary artery ; but in addition to the-

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their origin in rheumatism, and that the disease in many parts of

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ing*formed by the Almighty cf a composition of contraries,

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drolysis, due to variations in the relative values of E and d, were found

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eruptions; but even externally, it must be used with

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of the stone if present ; W. H. Humiston ; F. E. Bunts ; A. W. Lueke ;

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young people, come to see [if they are to get on comfortably


and dwelt upon the great importance of ocular and tactile

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the plasma allowed to collect in the narrow portion, after which 1 c.c.

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tory it seemed to me like a case of fracture of the internal table, and

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very difficult to cure. In his experience X-rays had no curative effect on

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cases the pneumonia was caused by swine-plague bacilli which had perished.

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rounding the cause of abortion have been considerable, and

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Perhaps no article in the materia medica has been more freely