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Pes, Orlando. [Asst., Lab. patol. gen. d. r. Univ. di Sassari.]

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lesions as a rule exist. It is a fault of conformation, not con-

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successful vaccination or revaccination the condition of vaccinia

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In regard to the causes of prolapsus, it is of importance to notice,

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himself so violent an emetic that the learned doctor's friends need

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are found to be present are such as are present in cancer.

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by the ancient Romans, 100 or 1000 b c, and the Polygamic, winch came

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As soon as the navel-string is cut off, apply a little cotton or

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carrying vessels : the preparing vessels are :i;«r sirne in nunri-

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diate annular space. The apparatus in use is placed hori-

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tic indirectly. This is not theory, but results that have taken

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English and during the raids by caterans from the north-west, which culminated

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brain cells and bring them out to the mind which is then in

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showed in some cases a lamentable slackness, in this

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something to sell, from the book agent to the distributor of

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fresh application, the patient takes a warm bath and the old

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tion improved remarkably. The systolic blood pressure was 130;

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; capability can be expanded to include a dialogue with the

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deflection of a conical ball within the abdominal cavity :

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only 14.2 per cent, agglutinate B. typhosus in a dilution of 1 to 100.

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on in the same chapter he suggests as use for the thyroid, — " This

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the latter be gathered with the utmost care from properly fed animals, transported with

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last during the first week of January, 1901, having missed

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Committee on Physical Fitness and Sports for legislators and

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has been great, the patient should be enjoined from work, especially mental,

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desire results, I present the following for your consideration.