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fact that the condition is due to a definite drug, for, as we

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and across it. The fixing of the length of " cui"e " was an unscientific feature.

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sedative and hypnotic. It occurs in the form of small white

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should be repeated daily or on alternate days between three and

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weighing at least a pound — must have occupied nearly

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the li(jiii(l wa.sttvs of ail boui'es of tlu; main city." The

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affecting the mind. That has opened up quite a wide field

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Dec. 7. — The patient's condition was much improved, except that

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the bone on the affected side has been greatly thickened.

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object satisfactorily; and I repeated the proceeding with

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9. Bacteriologists have found several organisms in the aural dis-

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turned next to mathematics and then to chemistry and

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immediate or unusual treatment, as they come up each day.

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a perfect nosometer, measuring with nearly absolute precision the

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1971. Kimbel, Philip, Albert Einstein Medical Center (N) (19141)

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prescribed powders, consisting of sulphate of quinine 5 grs., phenacetine

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uninjured limb can be made to temporarily act as a splint, and


hand, it causes a certain degree of excitation of the

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described, by severe constitutional symptoms and the

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indeed the work of which he himself thought much — is

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vasomotor reactions, pulsations — were charted from time to time

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transmission to the descendants, so that for the sake of the children,

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margin ; along the whole length of the upper margm they are separated about

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positions to enter private practice: Dr. P. H. Heersema

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stenocardia are well worthy of trial. The l^est known is diuretin, in doses

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Palatal paralysis characterized by a nasal voice is one of the most frequent

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health, instead of removing the sources and hotbeds of disease

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necessary, one for night and the other for day, and at least one