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treatment, is to be laxative, it often being necessary to relax

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jugation. So long as they remain in the human system conjugation

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Sky," or "Skyland," on account of the large number of sunshiny

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factor in the death-rate the complications we cannot speak with any

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and patients take it for long periods without disgust.

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Fine specimens were secured at Clark's, but not observed else-

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the end of the second week it has become converted into a

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uterus would of itself recover its position perfectly. He believed

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cleansed daily with a solution of peroxide of hydrogen.

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is removed and a })luis]\ border is seen around the skin edge. The

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stiff and Kernig's sign may be present. Costa and Troisier found

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fore, but not so that there was any interference to the faecal matter or the

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violaceunty Bouteloua oligostachyay and B, racemosa. Buck-

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widely different effects according to the season, i.e. according to

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was in the the form of a granular deep-black deposit, much as if tattoed

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lemon juice had been added, were immersed in a water bath (as in

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sym^Dtom which will enable the surgeon to diagnose that vis-

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than an intravenous injection — a fact which Auer and Meltzer can

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and often year after year), until they know every seam in the

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adhesions. No pericardial f effusion, nor ordema of the

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1903 b. — The movements and reactions of freshwater planarians: A study in

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Let the cutaneous capillaries become obstructed, — the perspiration

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Rheumatism, acute articular, heart-lesious in, 203 ; tho

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Two hoars before admission he was kicked by a horse over

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Dr. George II. ( Iross presented a case showing the reconstruction

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The paper gives some new quantitative experiments proving that