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out of the porthole window I saw a Zeppelin in the distance.
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Other questions relate to the kind of diuretic effect produced. To
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the ranks of those who hold that the strumous element has
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there was no reason in the world why this fracture should have been
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kind of treatment directed with the view of restoring the diseased
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under and around our nails. Immerse our hands, etc;.,
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occasionally break out. Going to bed quite well on Saturday the
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secretion, fat globules being the most distinctly discernible. The
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has passed over, the needles are withdrawn, and if oozing occurs the
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Sciences, to having discovered the fact that in cases of violent gangrene,
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manding Similar Truths from Science and Art." Should time
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Gavin LA, Stess RM, Goldstone J: Prevention and treatment of foot problems in diabetes mellitus— A comprehensive program. West J Med 1993 Jan; 158 AY-
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vulsions of extreme severity were stopped by the removal of a
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Jan. 18th. — Patient much more comfortable. Pulse 80,
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place and tomb of the world's great poet, at Stratford, upon
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on the 7th day after injection, 1: 200 Flexner and Shiga; on the 14th day, 1: 200
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If opium is only to be given to relieve pain, this is not
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May 8, Thursday. — Second Term, Spring Quarter begins.
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of contributors which will do honor to themselves and enrich our pages.
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so far, not been able to attain that result. The prin-
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of diphtheria rej)eated, painstaking examination, microscopical and cultural,
weeks he had an attack of indigestion, nausea, vomiting
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have the same effect on the color of the blood. Here is some venous
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Chicken 91, Rhode Island Red, had been killed before reaching the laborator>\
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of the 53 cases of total extirpation of the thyroid gland performed in Bill-
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and when the enemy invades the sacred soil of the living body, the leucocytes
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little opium; with this always give a good anodyne, then carefully and
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plaining patients, setting forth that they could not get eggs with-
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is made to contract by kneading, hot cloths, or faradization. If
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viously boiled in salt solution, it grows in a thick yellowish layer.
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