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in New York City died from the effects of impure milk. The
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veratrum; also, sore, or scald mouth, and in some cases
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under the most unexpected conditions and from the most unlikely
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ited institutions as meeting the criteria for Category 1 of the Phy-
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last reached the end of the formation of specialties.
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are treated for a time, and are either relieved or be-
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distal }3ortioii looked like a short arterial trunk given off from the aneu-
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ment the meat supplies of Great Britain by the transatlantic trans-
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sacs, and two incisions were necessary to thoroughly
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exploration, even though the rectal or vaginal exami-
having dear old friends, whose lives they would like to perpetuate at
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disagreeable. — Pacific Medical and SurgicalJournal.
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if secondary to affections of other organs, what is the patho-
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after he had first seen the case. I confess that at that time
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wan HO severe it was almost imjKJSHible to breathe. Kemi-m-
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to materia medica, but one who watches the processes of dis-
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large as that for those of the preceding series. Such variations in susceptiliility are frequent and are largely
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lowed any attempt to swallow food, and a peculiar feature of the
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Caryl Coleman, which, owing to late arrival, could not be pro-
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believe that the period had been longer than six complete days. The
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to write a prescription, and in that little act lies the severest
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this pressure is still greater, as in glaucoma, arterial pulsation
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impress upon the mind and physique of Dr. Lee. He was
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cocci from other sources so far as cultural and morphologic peculiarities are
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swing themselves up and down in harmony ; that is health.
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reply as follows: That there should be legislation, requiring a medical
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eration, ever had the opportunity to study more than
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human dose. In vivo mutagenicity studies were negative.
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tained by many distinguished authorities, that it is a question
erance of opposition increased upon him. It was his
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H. Pharmacology and Therapeutics. — James Ormiston Affleck,
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On examination with a high power binocular lupe the phenomenon
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immunity produced by the direct treatment with cultures so that
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gr. v, to be repeated every four hours ; also gave Morph. Sulph.
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State have made to its progress. They have succeeded
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