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after a protracted illness at Mounds Park Hospital on

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Hepatitis B is an occupational illness for health care providers. It has serious

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and Superior. Geologically, it consists of the lowest stratified rocks,

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man, H. V. Johnstone, H. D. Johnson, W. H. Klock, W. McClure, B.A.,

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similar application of gelsemium sempervirens (yellow jessamine) is

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and even the front of the pastern may be on the ground,

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long been recognized, but was classed by the older writers as "rheumatism."

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ogy with other diseases would suggest that protective bodies are developed

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may then produce an excessive reduction of the resting sympathetic nervous activity. Ocl

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subjects treated of in this chapter would answer no useful purpose, while, on the other

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limit, the question of the dietetic treatment of summer

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ciation of their possibilities in bringing about the

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forms of life that possess the important feature in common of causing infec-

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possible for a person with marked albuminuria to live

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tions externally. An hour after the operation the pulse was stronger

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that is about 3f inches to the left of the mid-sternal line at the level of the

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Klein wiichter (^London Medical Becorder) noted ninety where

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The majority of the bodies were covered with a thick layer of soot,

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Friar's Balsam. — This is the compound tincture of

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it. It is the prime factor. Given a certain measure of brain