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sistent agitation, much remains to be done, for Governments do not yet fully
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should be removed to an isolated plague hospital and the inmates of the house
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pressure, the shape and size, the detection of the hilus, the
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thorough inspection is possible. On dark days an electric
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poses. The hospital ward, too, can, as a rule, be kept in good
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Dr. Birdsall suggested that the face had a peculiar
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slight shivering attacks. He had had primary syphilis fifteen years before. He
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gets in his regular course, will enter the Medical College well pre-
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a greater proportionate number of mistakes in diagnosis and prog-
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Primary Union after excision of Tubercular Hip Joints, by Mr.
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occur during sleep has led the distinguished author to the above
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O A "F*!^ A O'R'IVrO'Nr Tablets for Headache of all kinds, Neuralgia, Rheumatism,
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method for the cure of cramps. The Regents of the Univer-
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could be little doubt that there was inflammation around the
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and sympathetic have been cut, its occurrence being then probably due to
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tion of the left ventricle. The apex beat was very resis-
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(a) A separation of the suspended matters (sludge) from the
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to those necessarily needed in carrying out funeral arrange-
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which he is»found out. Not long ago we knew of one whose
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may have mild attacks with a complete absence of any special features.
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too old to be made useful. These canals connect with the nasal
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eration 9 are that the artery is more readily found, the
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a whitish globular body, which according to all appearances, was the lens. He
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m 1903, 36.8° in 1902, 37.3° in 1901, and only 31.6° in 1887.
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again modelled. In inveterate cases it is necessary to carry up the leg an
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Howell, Joel, ed. Technology and American Medical Practice. 1880-1930: An Anthology
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Mild Smallpox. The term varioloid (resembling smallpox) should be
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performed, with regard to which the manner of proceedings is not always
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second, that the ovaries are active factors in menstrua-
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course without persistent respiratory impairment. 23,33 Possi-
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mucus and blood in the urine, and the large size of the tumour. He