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inner surface shows some erosions and areas of hyperemia.
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before he said a word he would beg to tender the Association
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mitral regurgitation, presses injuriously on the pulmonary artery, and
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cases there is sluggishness, dullness and a tendency to lay
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magical results. Undoubtedly the remedy acts as a germicide, an
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had been flowing quite profusely all the time. I found her depressed
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xanthiifolia), the Gaertnerias and the western ragweed (Ambrosia
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nearly every uterine ailment^in tact, the san e class
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sion of the two open ends of the bozvel. Therefore, after careful
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It would be an interesting problem to determine the propor-
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physician, however, cannot rationally treat the disordered function of any orsan without
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that this latter disease merely affects one side of the chest, that
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large visible pulsating artery on the posterior wall of the pharynx,
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subcutaneous test with a hypodermic injection. Whether the latter method
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temperature of the bath is 90 to 95 degrees in the first instance, and is gradu-
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This is a thirty-six page bulletin, illustrated with six
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ness, hot flushes and other manifestations of the climacteric
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lowing year Dr. Weller Van Hook as President, Dr. S. D. Jones
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Let Fig. 3 represent an eye with such a degree of myopia
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and bland form is admirably overcome in this new preparation.
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but indirect, namely, by bringing about that effective element in the causa-
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hold good with dissimilar constituents as, for instance, a comparison
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of port physiciau. October 1st, to enter private prac-
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subject to any other lowering influence is at least doubtful. Although
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cured after destruction of the unhealthy tissue by strong caus-
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tomatic histor}' would reveal its presence. The discovery of this rela-
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no reaction of degeneration, no myoclonus, or myoidema; there is no
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there is a plus excretion of uric acid in the urine, the sign that
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R. Hewlett and David Packard. Mrs. Calvin K. Townsend established the
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believe it is less than when linseed meal is employed.
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Strong; Ear, Dr. . Two hours will be devoted to the defects of speech
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F. E. Williams, in The American Journal of Health, in an article
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Fyzabad, Oudh, is as follows : Three drachms of the red iodide
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Hansemann (Report of British Commission) comparing the organs
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ventable, and 2nd, That tuberculosis is curable. The problem of tho
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mere alteration of position. This initial effect of muscular action