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by him termed retroversion; thongh the same displacement had pr^-

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at liberty, for the feelings of the patient are of vastly more

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impairment of leg coordination, manual dexterity, or bladder

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VIII. This class of patients requires very great attention,

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white of the egg, from its tendency to coagulate into a hard and

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regular consultation ; and if such previously attending gentleman ha- been dis-

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are founded. One would naturally assume that, although the scien-

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autopsies made very early after death more frequently than they are found

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Mackenzie, J. A. S. Nature and treatment of cancer.

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The condition of infarction is stated not to occur in

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Portsmouth, England, furnishes another case. Mrs. Norman,

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the lungs was absent, but many of them were associated with

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a tt'st wonhl have nn<h»nhtc<ily i^n-atly ai(h<i tlitir

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Minutes of the Sessions of the House of Counsellors. . . ^0

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or the oesophagus when its removal was first attempted, for the sponge

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often running together, forming large patches from which

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be expelled, when, of course, it was discharged also. Still the case,

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nothing original or valuable in their modes of practice, but whose

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meeting of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of London, he ven-

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tory it seemed to me like a case of fracture of the internal table, and

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standing of the subject, from such a mass of materials

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the ounce of citrate of soda, or by having it peptonized with

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which go respectively to the central body and to the posterior

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pleurisy, bronchitis, and pericarditis, underwent no perceptible change for the

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Isles, it is evident that a ver}- large attendance will be recorded at