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of the pain. A cancerous cachexia with an almost chlorotic hue exists in

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even membranous exudation forming a pseudomembrane.

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sees John takes up the same points but plunges into the unknown

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given when necessary and should never be repeated until

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golden wedding last year. Their only daughter is the wife of Mr. David

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marry an heiress the next day and he was to give her great

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ferent varieties tn oaeli other. I have examined in all fifty

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have pla ed his little part as playbo on the beaches while

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of epilepsy through hypnotism and was supported in his state

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by the Hungarian Ujhelyi good results may be achieved even

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matists claimed to be followers of Hippocrates and received their name

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and at brief intervals make their escape. Other foreign and in

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its consistency employini au.ain the silver prt l e with which I touched

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These theories may possibly have to be modified by and by

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bands of fibrous tissue abound to give it strength and

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phenols with the sulphur to form ethereal sulphates. Any disturbances

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Surgeon Extraordinary to H.M. the King of the Belgians Professor

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state lt t relative if not in a state of absolute repose.

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invariably especially in the latter stages of its disease. Of this there

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as the villi and glands in the digestive tract diminish

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of guaiacol and glycerine over the scrotum. This may be

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pains in the right side with the characteristic sen

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exclude any and shall therefore content myself with dwelling upon them

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the same treatment plus a belt and the results are uni

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senseless manner. In this action tbe medical evidence of Drs. Parker

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stomach elongates and it is not till near the age of puberty

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measures were adopted during your connection with the Gulf squadron

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as a variety is merely an early stage. Lepra mutilans and other

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The direct impact of the bullet in high velocity of short range has

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eyes take a milky opacity he becomes emaciated and at last falls

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Success has followed his procedure of deossification of the chest

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was audible in the aortic region. There had been no cardiac pain

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a half in a thousand per annum. I should remark here that

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excellent results from the following treatment to minims of aconite

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The Anoemias The theory of Sir Andrew Clark in regard to fecal

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quitoes and other insects with perforating apparatus to the

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is as common as vomiting from cerebral derangement. A sick

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the proportions of deaths registered as from syphilis between the ages of

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any heart case a more correct judgment can be made by taking

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MMA House of Delegates. There is precedent for this

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in described a case of supposed hemochromatosis Case of his

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and eventually atrophy. The muscularis mucosse and muscular coats may

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to anger just as other inadequate causes e. g. a play at the