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be oedematous, discolored, and warm, or the swelling may have no

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the upper and lower extremities simultaneously, sometimes only the

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ond type autopsy frequently reveals the opposite con-

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death is long or short They are, however, of slow production naturally, a

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of the foetus at the umbilicus, and which carries with it the

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Professor von Leyden, effect the disappearance of the fever."

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bronchial breathing. At best the voice cannot be heard distinctly,

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tion can save life. The symptoms are pain, vomiting,

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maternal channel will more than justify the remarks which I

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of 8o¬ędled croup, this, in its development and early progress, is the least

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Three or four months afterward the placenta was expelled.

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a principle of large application, which helps and furthers the

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surgical and gynecological prizes. He will become resident

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diseases of brain 2 ; apoplexy, suicide, intestinal hemorrhage, valvular disease

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so large that it could not descend low into the pelvis,

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little one should be fed, it is not likely that a mistake will be made.

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