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ErOos) ; probably because of the destructive action of the gastric juice on
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the weakness of the sick should require better bread
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MELLIN'S FOOD is usec * * n counting rooms and offices as a most agree-
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proximity to the environs of the town renders it very un-
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ences of opinion as to their mode of origin, which have
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struction is carried on at the Farm of the Agricutlural Col-
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succeeded in lowering the temperature, sometimes by 3-4^ C.
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disease of the optic nerve caused by the use of tobacco
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afterwards withdrawn. Her appetite was almost completely lost;
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not infrequently occurs in pregnant women whose kidneys are
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ing hopple, runs on both sides, or did until I cut a hole through
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the students will be admitted to the Medical Depart-
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means of saving human life. Hut " 'tis true, and pity
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rent testimony of a large proportion of the delegates, from all parts of
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ization. Of importance, he feels, is the need for every
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from those of Germany, giving more attention to the practical at
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of the body, study the eflfect of reagents, and '•
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cal works use the word barrenness only in speaking of women who
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stant pain, existing for four months in the region of
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that he endeavored to give a sketch of the relations of Harvey to his pre-
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three months after her discharge. General improvement was
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Mars)y were founders of cities, states and nations.
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crease. The apparent increase deduced from the gen-
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Cramer, Jennie, murder of, 462 ; amount of arsenic in
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ition. It is certain, that in a vast number of cases,
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chamber for drums is one of the most complicated ap-
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two days later by vomiting) there was some capillary injection on the outer
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