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mechanism of fertilisation are, in reality, efforts to determine the causes of the ptolongation

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hearted in integrity.' Such words may do for the motto of the

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hoff, M.D., National Director of First Aid and Assistant

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to rise and continued irregular, reaching 103 F. ; pulse 74 to 100; respirations

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mixing the ether with a solution of vanadic acid ; the green solution

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Their household gods were thrown down, their peace of

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Recognizing at this time the yearly variation, which is apparently

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operator and the sagacious practitioner; and when honours go round,

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ical and physiological selections. After a critical ex-

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we are dealing with a malady, the manifestations of which

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on February 19, 1947, his head wounds were well healed.

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water should be taken fasting ; in hepatic disease after

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from its use, I have sometimes found it necessary to stimulate

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tuberculosis was quite evident in spite of the fact that there was no expec-

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spirit as well as the letter of the motto, " Non sibi sed

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Physical examination showed unequal irregular fixed pupils ; absent knee

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(2) The subacute stage. The termination of the catarrhal dis-

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wound, the ragged edges trimmed off, and a probe inserted, which

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Proximity of heads and degree of ventilation are, therefore, the

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Physiology in the Vienna University. Sixteen years ago he

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Heat, in the form of a hot water bottle or hot flannels, is better.

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cases, in a patch of epithelium which has been disturbed b; inflam-

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and left a permanent shortening of the limb, but to what ex-

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the sac is not adherent and is most common in the direct form of

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was taken at the time when the reaction was completed as shown by

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jected to a hardening process by Dr. Dunham of the Carnegie

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partment of the University of California is announced.